Do you have a story to share?

Many have contributed their personal remembrances and stories about Sam. If you’d like to do that here, please feel free.  Or if you’d prefer, I will be happy to consider your story for inclusion in the main web site, to which this bog is attached.


2 thoughts on “Do you have a story to share?

  1. I first met Dr Hsu around 1987 after my first trip to China. He would ask me if I dreamt in Chinese or not and related to me as a brother even though he was much older in age. One time Tenth put on an outdoor concert and he was to play piano. I only knew him in the church context and had no idea what he did outside of church. I kidded him asking if he was up to performing piano pieces. Instead of being angry or feeling resentful, he chuckled and went along with it. When I found out later how talented and well-known he was in music circles, I was quite embarrassed, but was even more impressed by his grace and humility. He encouraged me to a higher standard…the kind of humility that our Lord Jesus Christ showed.

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